Interior Space Reflects Company Culture at a King of Prussia Office Space

A company in King of Prussia, PA was relocating to a new office and hoped to revamp their interior space to reflect their company culture, along with conveying a contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic within their environment.  Below are 3 specific goals they desired and achieved through thoughtful space design:

1.  Employee Wellness.  By incorporating sit/stand desking at every permanent workstation, employees now have the option to stand while working and reap the benefits of this subtle and simultaneously monumental trend towards a healthier working lifestyle.

2.  Creative and Playful Atmosphere.  Not only showcasing bobbleheads of employees, the company also emphasized fun with foosball tables and comfortable lounge seating.

3.  Flexible Workzones.  By providing employees a variety of "third spaces" to work at, employees are encouraged to move throughout the day, becoming as productive and comfortable as possible.  

Creating a physical space that compliments a specific company culture and atmosphere has long term positive effects.  As mentioned in Design That Works:

The most innovative companies are leading a major shift from viewing office space as a cost to an investment,” says Stevie Toepke, space strategist and owner of Flourish Spaces. “The right physical space is now a major driver in attracting, retaining and extracting great performance from the best talent. There is no single blueprint for the ‘right space;’ rather, a great design considers and supports function and feel," (Source).

See below for a few photos of the space:


Want more?  View our video below where we did to truly capture the essence of the space and company vibes upon installation completion:

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