Naturally Beneficial: The Benefits of Bringing Wood into K-12 Spaces

A stunning study is highlighting the benefits of natural wood in our environments, including K-12 spaces.  Referencing It's Only Natural: Bring the Effects of Nature Inside Through Wood, below we have divided these astounding benefits into 4 top topics for why you should include real wood in your space design:

1.  Health Benefits

"...students taught in the wooden classrooms having decreased heart rates and decreased perception of stress from interactions with teachers. In contrast, students taught in the control classroom had increased heart rates and had greater stress responses.

Studies also suggest that exposure to stress and stress hormones during childhood and adolescence increases the probability of individuals developing stress-related mental disorders later in life, and may even influence the timing of puberty. So incorporating natural wood into learning environments at home and school can have significant and long lasting positive effects."

2.  Appealing Aesthetic

" overwhelming 96 percent of people agree that wood is visually appealing and has a natural look and feel."

3.  Soceital Benefits

"A study of residents in an aged care home using wooden tables, chairs and tableware was examined and compared to residents using plastic products. The results indicated that the use of wooden products increased the number of interactions between individuals (i.e. more talkative and more willing to engage with one another), improved emotional state and expanded self- expression in a positive way."

4.  Sustainable Resource

"Using wood as a building material also means that the use of much more carbon-intensive and non- renewable materials like concrete and steel can be reduced. For example, one study identified that the total energy consumption in the manufacturing of steel beams is two to three times higher, and the use of fossil fuels is six to twelve times higher, than manufacturing timber beams."

Designed with sustainability in mind, Green Furniture Concept's Nova C Series brings all of the benefits of natural wood, with a slew of others - including ergonomic comfort, endless configurations, and pops of color if desired.  Perfect for hallways, lounge areas, and more below for a few examples of Green Furniture Concept benching in K-12 settings:

Further demonstrating the power of seamless seating, the video below showcases the design adaptability while still maintaining a smaller overall footprint:

For more information about Green Furniture Concept seamless seating or K-12 spaces, contact us today!