NJ College Student Success Center Stays Student-Centric with Design

A local NJ college created their new Student Success Center in the hopes of transforming the college campus.  The overall design aesthetic supports efforts to remain student-centric and promote student success with flexible furniture options and a variety of spaces to accommodate different needs.  Diverse areas within the common area space include:

  • Learning Commons

  • Student Cafe

  • Student Activities

  • Bookstore

  • Faculty Offices

To further support the trend of flexible student spaces in higher education as mentioned in Design of Student Unions:

"Student Services are essential in enhancing the student experience and is critical to the long-term success of a school. The most recent and largest growth in space relates to how spaces are being planned in support of the student experience. There are a wide variety of spaces that support students including: multiple spaces for interaction and study (team study rooms, huddle areas, lounge type space), career services/ placement administrative, interviewing rooms, recruitment areas and offices for academic advising, internships, student organizations and student business endeavor," (Source).

See below for a few photos of the space: