Updated Student Wing Provides Flexible Classrooms and Lounge Seating

When an upstate NY university was looking to redesign their student wing, their intentions were to create a unique space unlike anywhere else on campus.  By restructuring what was already existing they were hoping to transform the wing into a multidimensional space encompassing everything from classrooms to student lounges.

What resulted was a one-of-a-kind third space environment that attracts students to study, along with a variety of flexible classrooms.  Most notably, as mentioned in Student Wing reopens with new technology, improved classrooms, “Student reception of the new classrooms and lounge spaces has been generally positive. In particular, some students have particularly enjoyed the new seating arrangements in the lounge area.

‘These chairs are dope,’ said Daniel Greenberg, a senior double-majoring in business administration and integrative neuroscience. ‘I feel like I’m on a half-spaceship, half-pearl, white egg,” (Source).

This modern application demonstrates the fluidity and adaptability furniture can provide for students and staff, creating optimal learning environments during and between classes.  A singular space offering a variety of environments including traditional classrooms (with mixed seating styles, SCALE-Up design and multiple heights) plus third space lounge seating with access to technology, provides something for everyone.  Check out our photo gallery for images of the space:

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