Moving to a new space? Now is the time for redesign.

Congratulations!  Your company has decided to relocate.  With this fresh start comes an exciting opportunity to redesign, refresh, and rework your old office methodology.  Starting in a new space provides a unique opportunity to maximize your brand new square footage with the latest trends and products.

The style, tone and purpose of company branding often changes as a company develops, so once you move offices, you’ll have the ability to update your aesthetics in line with the message you want to portray about your company.  The building, the interior design, the location and the style you choose are major factors in creating your brand’s tone and portraying the right message.” –

While carefully considering how to portray your brand, keep in mind that a fresh office space is also an excellent opportunity to attract and maintain top talent.  For example, did you know?

“Ninety-one percent of Millennials (born between 1977-1997) expect to stay in a job for less than three years, according to the Future Workplace Multiple Generations @ Work survey of 1,189 employees and 150 managers.” –

Office design can have a large impact on employee retention and associate satisfaction.  Below we have listed our Top 5 Spaces to consider when relocating to a new office space:

 1.  Lounge Areas.  With office hoteling trends and corporate third spaces on the rise, creating spaces for casual conversation outside of the traditional cubicle are becoming the norm.  Below are a few product examples that meet the needs of this specific space including KI Furniture’s new collection, MyPlace:

2.  Corporate Cafe.  The most underrated area of an office, your corporate cafe or cafeteria is an excellent opportunity to encourage the exchange of ideas and brainstorming in a casual manner:

3.  Updated Workstations.  We’ve heard it all before – sitting is the new smoking.  Consider updating your workstations to sit/stand desking that will be the gift that keeps on giving by keeping employees healthy and happy.  Check out a video explaining these important stats:

KI Furniture also has a large array of flexible desking that adjusts to your company as it evolves over time.  Here is an amazing animation showcasing KI Furniture’s workplace flexibility:

4.  Movable Walls.  A thoughtful long term solution, movable walls have an enormous amount of potential regarding office flexibility and environmental consideration.  Below are 3 wall options that can easily be considered in your new floorplan:

5.  Technology Integration.  Access to power and top technology for meetings has an important place in your new space.  Below is a case study video of a recent installation we did in Newtown Square, PA: