Old School vs. New School

Although a classic classroom structure will always have its place in education, gone are the days of students sitting row by row in teacher-centered learning environments. The educational landscape is changing – encouraging interaction, fluidity of ideas, and exchange of information with the use of technology. Keeping all of this in mind, below are our TOP 3 reasons why it is important to create collaborative environments to foster student success:

1)  Gain a Deeper Understanding

The exchange of ideas while working collaboratively in a compelling experience directly affects student understanding.  As described in Rich Environments for Active Learning:

  • Learning is more likely to be transferred from complex and rich learning situations; rich learning activities help students think deeply about content in relevant and realistic contexts.
  • Learning is a collaborative process.  Students learn not solely from experts or teachers, but also from each other.  They test ideas with each other and help each other build elaborate and refined knowledge structures.

2)  Remain Relevant

The student/teacher interaction has transformed from teacher-centered to student-centered, which is greatly supported by new technology at our fingertips.

As mentioned in the Interactive Instruction: Creating Interactive Learning Environments Through Tomorrow’s Teachers – in a student-centered approach, interactive teaching and learning are supported by tools that actively engage both teachers and students.

With many students already engaged in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) why not embrace technology and encourage its use during an engaging and collaborative learning process?

3)  Prepare for the Future

According to Effective Group Work Strategies for the College Classroom, successful professionals need to be able to both cooperate and compete. 

Additionally, 80% of all employees in America work in teams or groups, and educational experiences need to help students develop both skills.  This suggests that collaborative experiences during higher education can help prepare students for future success during their professional career.

New School

So how can you embrace technology and encourage the exchange of ideas? Bring classroom content to life with  T1Visions’ inTouch Interactive Wall – a social touchscreen solution that allows multiple users to fluidly interact with a single vertical touchscreen or multiple screens on one large seamless surface.  Click below to discover more: