Top 5 Reasons to Choose KI’s Genius Wall for Classrooms

The basic task of a wall is to segment space and provide privacy. Genius® movable wall does that and more, creating highly functional spaces that promote efficiency and productivity.  Additionally, Genius walls welcome natural light into any space.; in educational environments in particular, this can result in a slew of positive effects.  As mentioned in Daylight and a Learner Friendly Environment“This extends to educational environments where studies show that daylight enhances cognitive function. More specifically, the effective use of daylight in educational environments is proven to increase student and teacher attendance, boost achievement rates, reduce fatigue and improve student health.”  With Genius Walls providing endless educational benefits, see below for our top 5 reasons to choose KI’s Genius wall for classrooms:

1)  Noise Reduction – Genius walls are designed to significantly reduce noise (44-48 STC) – perfect to house any sound within divided walls during instruction.

2)  Flexibility – Genius walls feature removable panels allowing easy redesign and/or access to power data – staying flexible as your college/university grows and changes.

3)  Cost Effective – As a demountable, movable wall, Genius walls provide substantial improvement in lifecycle costs over traditional drywall or stick-built wall construction – saving substantial money over time.

4)  Increased Daylight – Endless glass options promote natural day lighting, which can be a crucial element in any learning environment.  As mentioned in Daylight in Schools“Daylighting – or the strategic use of natural lighting techniques – has become a key component of school modernization projects.  More than just the latest design fad, effective daylighting allows school districts to achieve significant energy savings, be environmentally responsible, increase student attendance and test scores, and provide better overall facilities for students to learn and educators to work. “

5)  Green – Genius walls are GREENGUARD certified, in addition to being Level 2 certified.   This important nod acknowledges the growing necessary importance of green initiatives in building design, and can promote sensitivity to the green wave of sustainability.

Demonstrating all of the above positive effects, see below for a recent Genius Wall installation in our Central PA territory at Misericordia University:


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