4 Ways to Lounge & Learn

Informal learning spaces have always existed on college campuses, but it hasn’t been until recently that maximizing their use has come to the forefront.  As mentioned in Every Space is a Learning Space,“Learning space design should be approached from a holistic perspective, taking into account the spectrum of learning activities and variety of environments necessary for students to optimize their learning. The development of informal student spaces will provide a range of options to engage in individual study as well as group collaboration. Well-designed informal learning spaces support formal academic approaches and allow students to engage in a richer educational experience.”

In particular, student lounge areas have enormous potential to encourage further saturation of course material, along with increasing the odds of students having discussions – both impromptu and planned.  “Lounges, courtyards, study rooms, and other auxiliary spaces are often successful when located in close proximity to primary, specialized classrooms. These spaces should offer a variety of technology capabilities, charging/power connecting areas, and team work space with audiovisual equipment to create a “campfire effect,” allowing students to plug in and immediately engage in activity” (Read More).

Providing seating that comfortable or allows access to power (or BOTH!) gives an opportunity for students to study – perfect for commuters, and ideal for those living on campus.  To encourage this unique Student 3rd Space area, below we have identified our top 4 products to help your students lounge & learn:


1.  Sway Lounge Seating

Ideal for colleges and universities’ lounge areas, libraries, residence halls, student unions and more,  Sway is a great addition to breakout third spaces, allowing students to explore material comfortably outside of the typical classroom environment. 


2.  Hub Modular Seating

Hub™ Modular Seating is as reconfigurable as it is versatile and can be ganged together to create modular layouts, or be used as stand-alone pieces, all while incorporating power and data capabilities.  This flexibility offers power to students between, before, or after classes.


3.  MyWay Lounge Collection

Designed with technology in mind, KI’s MyWay’s unique tablet arm provides a surface for electronic devices, books and notepads while supporting interaction between students.  Sit however you prefer, so you can text, check email or charge your device comfortably.


4.  MyPlace Collection

Functional, flexible, fun, MyPlace's lightweight construction make them easy for any user to push, roll, or pick up.  Perfect for flexible student lounge spaces.



To support informal learning in third spaces, comfortable, flexible furniture with power capabilities to keep devices charged are necessary ingredients for success.  Contact us today for more information about how you can maximize student learning and retention of information, along with utilizing the square footage of your school to its fullest potential.