9 Ways to Magnify Your School Brand

Communicating your school brand consistently throughout campus with signage is a powerful way to make a lasting impression, encourage school spirit, and assist with wayfinding.  Takeform educational signage creates an immersive experience that welcomes, captivates, and permeates school brand with a holistic view of campus from the moment students, staff and visitors arrive.  Below we have highlighted 9 areas that help you communicate your school story with Takeform’s Moxie and Amplify lines:

1. Classrooms

Identify areas in classrooms and libraries with powerful graphics:


2. Athletic Areas

Promote school spirit in gyms, locker rooms, and other athletic areas:


3. Libraries

Assist library visitors with customizable end panels:


4. Entrances

Excite visitors upon arrival with school colors and graphics:


5. Hallways

Help people find their way through thoughtful wayfinding:


6. Dining Halls

Promote your school mascot and take advantage of wall space:


7. Administrative Areas

Create zones for faculty:


8. Donor Appreciation

Honor those who support your school:


9.  Classroom ID

Clearly identify classrooms with Room ID signage:


Beyond signage, Takeform’s visual communication solutions add impact and interest to campus walls and interior spaces. Graphic panels, custom wall coverings and window films deliver the stories you want to tell.  Takeform signage also offers flexibility which enables the university to keep signage current and functional.  Contact us today for more information!

*Takeform signage only available in our Upstate NY and Western PA/WV territories