Our Top 7 Reasons Why Choose DCI

With 35+ years experience in Higher Education, DCI Furniture prides itself as a your one-stop-shop for quality, long-lasting, residence hall furniture in today’s student living environments, with custom capabilities and green design permeating throughout the process.  See below for Our Top 7 Reasons Why Choose DCI:

  1. Wood can be used directly from school grounds.  For organizations that own standing hardwood timber, DCI can provide a “chain of custody” for logs harvested right from your school’s property. These logs can be delivered to our sawmill, dried in our kilns, according to our manufacturing standards and delivered back to the customer as completed furniture.
  2. No Wood Waste.  DCI’s vertical integration and high yield rough mill allows them to maximize the use of all of our wood. Left over hardwood  is used to build our internal furniture components, and wood that cannot be used in furniture construction is recycled back into our process to make steam at the factory.
  3. 25 Year Warranty.  This perk speaks for itself!
  4. Salvaged materials are repurposed.  95% of the steel used for DCI’s bedsprings are made from salvaged railroad track.
  5. Recylable.  Solid hardwood furniture treated with low VOC finishes makes solid wood furniture easily recyclable and turned into other useful products. This eliminates the need to send wood furniture to a landfill at the end of it useful lifecycle on campus.
  6. Attention to craftsmanship and construction.  For over 40 years while being family owned and operated, DCI’s craftsmen have been employing time tested methods for constructing solid hardwood furniture right here in the United States.
  7.  Longevity of solid wood design.  Furniture made primarily from solid wood is extremely resilient and requires little maintenance. Screw retention is one of the most important distinctions between solid wood vs. plywood and composite woods. Simply put, there is not a plywood or composite wood material on the market today that holds a metal screw better, and for a longer period of time, than a solid piece of oak, maple, or ash.

DCI is also available via several State and National Buying Agreement and contracts to help your school’s buying process run smoothly.  Contact us today to get started!