Eat, Drink, Study: Cafes as Student 3rd Space

As spaces designated as Student 3rd Space ripple across college campuses, these unique nooks are providing havens for student discussion and educational enrichment.  In particular, dining halls and spaces where the option to eat and drink while studying have proven to have become immensely popular.  As mentioned in A study exploring learners’ informal learning space behaviors, attitudes, and preferences:

“In the observational sweeps, it was found the majority of learners had food and/or drinks visible on their desks or tables…Food and drink was also frequently mentioned in the qualitative research and learners preferring a home environment gave easy access to food and drink as one of the reasons…being able to eat and drink contributes to making a space attractive to learners. As well as a convenience and comfort element to the availability of refreshment, there is also a learning aspect. At Sawenee University 63% of learners reported that food and drink helped them to stay focused when studying” (Read More).

See below for a cafeteria we helped a NY college design for their students:

Staying hydrated and refreshed while studying outside of the classroom helps students stay focused and is a big draw socially.  Dining halls and cafes are just one of many of the unique Student 3rd Space opportunities popping up on campuses everywhere that attract communal casual learning.  To discover more about dining hall and cafe options, visit KI’s website and contact us today to outfit your dining hall.