The Heartbeat of Hallways: Importance of School Branding

Your school’s logo represents far more than its mascot.  For students, your school brand captures the mission statement, pride, culture, and subliminal permeating message as they walk the halls.  Much more than simply School Spirit, the design of a school space can create the underlying heartbeat of the student population.

A recent white paper conducted by Varsity Brands, School Spirit: the Connection between Student Achievement, Involvement and Confidence –  further identified positive effects of school branding, and the ripple effects it can have on the student population:

“To many students, school spirit is a sense of pride shown by those who feel a strong connection to their place of learning and the people in it. When asked what school spirit means, some specific student responses included: ‘Having pride in your school’s academics, athletics, and participating in opportunities that your school offers,’ and ‘It’s being proud to represent your school and the values it stands for.’

Students with high levels of school spirit are significantly more likely than students with low school spirit to say that they perform well above average in school academically compared to other students (32% vs. 13%, respectively). “School spirit means to support your school no matter what,” said one student, “and to take pride in your achievements knowing your school has helped you to reach your goals.

Just how Google is known for its culture in the business world, achievement is linked to spirit in the educational realm. It seems that many principals would agree that students who demonstrate spirit/pride in their school will also want to do well for their school. One principal put it simply: ‘Positive feelings towards school lead to positive attitudes toward work,” (Source).


There are many ways to convey culture and branding throughout an educational space.  Clcik below to discover where we have identified just a few products that can be customized specifically for your school:


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