Our Top 6 Picks for Student Third Space

As informal learning opportunities are becoming more easily identified in higher education, the opportunity to learn before, between, and after classes is an ever increasing need for students.  Below we have identified our Top 5 Products for Student “Third Space” – highlighted with KI Furniture solutions:


1.  Plaza Stack Chair

Clean and contemporary, KI’s  Plaza Stack Chair offers a streamlined, durable, and simplified design.

Perfect for creating lounge spaces both indoors and outdoors, this lightweight stack chair features a curved shell for student comfort.


2.  Hub Modular Seating

Hub™ Modular Seating is as reconfigurable as it is versatile and can be ganged together to create modular layouts, or be used as stand-alone pieces, all while incorporating power and data capabilities.

This flexibility offers power to students between, before, or after classes.


3.  Apply Café Stools

Apply café stools are ideal for cafés, dining halls – anywhere elegant, durable seating is needed.  Also offering an optional upholstered seat pad, KI’s Apply Cafe Stools make hanging students’ bags while working, studying, and socializing easy with the unique “ear” design.



4.  Athens Table

Athens tables bring students  together, inspiring conversation and collaboration. Whether it’s to grab a bite to eat or engage in lively conversation, the KI Athens table is perfect for cafes, lounges, student unions.


5.  MyWay Tablet Arm Chair

Designed with technology in mind, KI’s MyWay’s unique tablet arm provides a surface for electronic devices, books and notepads while supporting interaction between students.


7. Sway Seating

Sit however you prefer, so you can text, check email or charge your device comfortably.