Students Learn Where Students Live

While college students roam away to pursue their dreams at colleges and universities, their residence halls become their homes away from home.  Living, sleeping, and studying become daily activities in the quest to earn their chosen degree in this unique Student Third Space application.  As mentioned in Creating ‘third space’ for student accommodation:

“This spotlight on student living spaces is driving innovation and change and a common mantra from operators is ‘it is more than just the room’.  By this they mean that student living should be much more than simply providing shelter per se, it should be more about establishing a strong community and fostering a richness of lifestyle. The ugly duckling of the old hall of residences model needs to evolve into a bird of paradise if it is to attract and provide the quality of lifestyle expected by modern students paying fees of £9,000 a year and demanded by institutions at risk of increasing competition from their peers” (Read More).

Attracting students to an environment where they feel comfortable both socially and academically is critical student population retention.  Flexible and comfortable furniture to outfit the residence hall allows students to have the freedom to make the space exactly what they need it to be for the purposes they desire at that excact point in time.  Highlighted in Major Trends in University Residence Halls:

“Common areas are precious space in a university residence, and the more flexible they are, the better. Many lounges, study spaces, and snack bars are equipped with comfortable furniture that can be easily reconfigured or moved to accommodate different types of events” (Read More).

The ease of flexible furniture matched with the comfort of lounging while studying make the perfect ingredients for success outside of the classroom.  To learn more about furniture possibilities visit KI Furniture’s website and contact us today to create your residence hall.