Our Top 6 Benefits for KI’s Wharton Lectern

KI teamed with instructors from the prestigious Wharton School of Business to develop the state-of-the-artWharton Lectern that features complete control and speaker comfort.  See below for our Top 6 Picks why the Wharton Lectern compliments any classroom, training, or auditorium space:

1.  The frosted plexi-glass top at the top of the lectern slides open to reveal a storage tray.  This holds a laptop or an optional touchscreen monitor that controls presentation technology and the complete room environment (including lighting, sound, temp).

2.  The extended wings provide ample room for a speaker’s notes or personal laptop.

3.  Speaker comfort is supported with a gooseneck microphone and halogen note light that the speaker can adjust to his/her preference.

4.  Swing-out drink caddies on both the left and right side ensure a speaker has easy access to a beverage; when not in use the caddies self-store out of the way.

5.  An optional keyboard tray with mouse pad slides into the lectern when not in use.

6.  Access to power and data is easy. A flip-open technology well has ample room to neatly store cords and transformers, so a speaker can simply plug in a laptop.  Two additional power outlets accommodate additional presentation equipment.

Click Here to learn more about KI’s Wharton Lectern, and watch the video below to view its operation: