Additions Wall Accessories for Healthcare Spaces

Need to add something?  If it goes on the wall, you can get it here.  Takeform’s Additions wall accessories collection was designed with the same thoughtful approach that has been applied to architectural signage. This ultimately means you’ll have the same creative flexibility to connect with your space and more fully unite the elements within it.  The Additions collection allows you to convert what could have been a negative into a very stylish plus with easy visual connectivity.  Signage, dimensional letters, wall graphics, sanitizer stations, wall organizers, magazine racks, message boards – and every Additions product comes with mounting template and all hardware needed to get it on the wall.  See below for wall accessories categories:

  • Nest Wall Organizers: Manage the Mess – Nest is a stylish way to manage the unsightly pile of reading material that seems to be part of every waiting room.
  • View Communication Centers:  View Communication Boards are the information center. It’s a place to aggregate the important information – reminders, to-do’s, notes, cards, follow-ups.
  • Attend Patient Information Signage:  Positioned outside the patient room door, Attend alerts the clinician to critical care conditions such as medication safety, infection risks, fluid restrictions and more.
  • Purify Santizer Stations:  Today, wherever people congregate – schools, hotels, offices, libraries – you’ll find sanitizer stations. Unfortunately, these units often look like afterthoughts. Not so with Purify.

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