Enhance patient comfort while waiting

Healthcare lobby and lounge environments can often be a sore spot of frustration and angst.

As mentioned in Healthcare Design Magazine“Today, many patients and family members sitting in waiting rooms use personal mobile devices for entertainment, to review and update personal health information, or to make payments and arrange future appointments. Institutions must accommodate this constant interaction via mobile technology—and find ways to utilize the connectivity to their advantage. Winthrop has observed that when some patients experience slow (or no) Internet access and have insufficient access to outlets for charging personal devices, it causes some frustration within the waiting area. By enhancing waiting rooms with connective furniture—augmented with outlets for charging—and a robust Wi-Fi system, patients and their families can experience a new level of comfort and convenience not typically associated with healthcare facilities.  Connectivity should be considered at the very beginning of a project and utilized as a planning resource to help direct the program and, ultimately, the design.” (Read More).

Highlighting these power capabilities in a new installation by KI, the Global Center for Health Innovation recently completed a state-of-the-art renovation and expansion. Located in the heart of a vibrant downtown on the shores of Lake Erie, this new facility focuses on world-class customer service and sustainability.  Global Center for Health Innovation displays the future of health and healthcare on four themed floors. It offers state-of-the-art spaces, programs and virtual offerings. Featuring extensive natural lighting, the atrium entry creates an impressive welcome. Hub modular seating defines spatial boundaries with subtle curves and a contemporary aesthetic, and can easily be arranged into compelling configurations that enhance the atrium’s versatility.

Additionally, Hub Modular Seating incorporates power and data capabilities helping to keep lounge and lobby guests charged and relaxed from the moment they arrive.  To learn more about KI’s Hub Modular Seating, click to visit KI's website.