Hot New Healthcare Design Trend: Freestanding Emergency Departments

A growing trend in the healthcare industry, Freestanding Emergency Departments are the next design trend wave in the healthcare market.  Aligning with the healthcare system’s strategy to improve the level of care in the most cost-effective built environment.

“Like a hospital-based ED, an FSED provides, at minimum, 24/7 access to an emergency physician, an emergency nurse, laboratory and radiology technicians, moderate-complexity blood testing (much more than BP, blood sugar, and strep testing), and advanced imaging such as computed tomography and ultrasound (in addition to X-ray). And FSEDs can care for most emergent illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, and minor trauma.

But unlike hospital-based FSEDs, which receive 10% to 40% of their patients by ambulance, more than 95% of FSED patients are walk-ins, and very few require hospital admission (<5%, vs. 15–35% for hospital-based EDs),” (How the Freestanding Emergency Department Boom Can Help Patients).

So what is a Freestanding Emergency Department?

  • FSED’s operate 24/7
  • Accredited- licensed as dept. of a hospital or have transfer/admitting arrangements
  • Direct access to Emergent Care Services
  • Emergent- immediate threat to life or disability
  • Less than 24 hr stay (avg 3 hrs, 30-60% less than traditional ED)
  • Differs from “Urgent Care”centers
  • Typically remote location

What are the driver’s behind their increase in popularity?

  • Reduced time to first point of care
  • Convenient ease of public access
  • Drives hospital volume – or an “Extended Front Door”
  • Lower construction costs
  • Preferred by patients over urgent care centers

What are some key elements for a successful design?

  • Flexibility while planning for an expansion
  • Welcoming, Calming, Comfortable Interiors
  • Encourages increased contact between patient and caregiver

Below we have outline 4 specific KI product solutions that can help you address every area of an FSED:

  1.  Arissa Collection
  • Universal design: comfortably fits all shapes and sizes
  • Safety: ease of ingress/egress, reduces falls
  • Confidence: Safely accommodates 750lbs
  • Dignified: meets the needs of all patients/families without segregating based on size


2.  Affina Collection

  • Welcoming , relaxing design
  • Soft lines, inviting curves
  • Wallsaver design
  • Field replaceable components
  • Bariatric options
  • Infection control/clean-ability


3.  Soltice Metal Collection

  • Enhanced durability, high performance for high use areas
  • Infection control, reduce HAIs: cleanout design, armcap options,withstands harsh cleaning agents
  • Reduced fall hazards: extended armcaps, custom depth and seat height for ease of ingress/egress
  • Sustainable, field replaceable components, low lifecycle cost


4.  Movable Walls

  • Movable walls allow for future flexibility and expansion – a key for successful FSED design
  • Increased visibility between patient and caregiver increases interactionn, reduces anxiety, and leads to overall greater patient satisfaction
  • Natural light infiltration aids in comfort and healing
  • Combining solid and glass walls offers creative options without compromising privacy


Designing an FSED space?  Contact us today for more information!