KI Featured in Contract Magazine

“Evidence shows that a humane, patient-centered healthcare facility with access to daylight and view of the natural environment can have a positive effect on healing.”

Absorbing the importance of this new approach in healthcare, KI and the Corbett Inc. team recently worked with the Pocono Medical Center to provide healthcare furniture to create beautiful healing environments for patients, family and staff. 

Featured in Contract Magazine (photo of magazine cover above), this stunning installation provides a sophisticated first impression, taking lounge spaces in healthcare to another level.  Described as a “state of the art, timeless treatment facility,” the modern aesthetics of the space create an interesting juxtaposition against the rural Pocono Mountain landscape. 

Featured collections include the Lyra Lounge CollectionStrive seating, and Athens tables.  To learn more about this gorgeous installation story, click on the image above to read the entire article in Contract Magazine.