KI Featured in Healthcare Design Magazine

You only have one chance to make a powerful first impression.  Particularly in healthcare design, adapting a holistic approach to ensure the comfort of patients, families, hospital staff, and visitors alike begins the moment they enter the waiting room.  Recently acknowledged in 5 Design Ideas for Healthcare Waiting Rooms:

“There’s a lot riding on branding and healthcare these days. As market competition intensifies and consumers are presented with more choices than ever on how and where to fulfill their healthcare needs, the pressure is mounting on organizations to create a strong branded experience that creates a good impression and keeps patients coming back.  Front and center in that experience is the waiting room and increasingly facilities are engaging designers and architects to create spaces that make patients and visitors feel comfortable, appreciated, and valued for their time.”

Continually demonstrating sensitivity to emerging trends, KI and the Corbett Inc. team were especially honored that a recent installation was feature on the cover of Healthcare Design Magazine, featuring KI’s Lyra Lounge Collection, front and center.  Click on the photo of the cover to discover more.