Our Top 12 Reasons to Choose Evoke Wall

Evoke offers a new level of design freedom.  Recently winning the 2015 Best of NeoCon Gold Award, KI’s Evoke Architectural Wall is a floor to ceiling dividing wall used to divide and define your space, bridging architecture and furniture.  Accessorize It, Move It, Paint It, or Change It – see below for our Top 12 Reasons to say Hello, Evoke:

  1. Tight panel connections are nearly indiscernable, creating a seamless look like drywall
  2. Evoke walls can be painted on site
  3. Can be applied with wallpaper, or vinyl wraps
  4. Inkjet printed with custom designs
  5. Can integrate markerboard panels
  6. Support magnetic components, such as tackboards
  7. With a minimal kit of parts, Evoke is easy to install
  8. Reconfigurable with zero waste, and minimal cost
  9. Evoke efficiently integrates power and data
  10. Panel heights are easy to raise or lower to meet existing flooring conditions.
  11. Evoke creates the quietest environments of any wall system, up to a 50 STC
  12. Compliments KI Genius Wall or KI Lightline

As your needs change, Evoke molds and adapts to the desires of your future spacial planning, providing thoughtful and utilitarian design.  Click below to see the KI Evoke Architectural Wall animation and contact us for more information: