Our Top 5 Reasons to Choose Soltíce Metal for Healthcare Lounge Spaces

KI is pleased to announce the recent release of The Soltíce Metal Collection – a seating and lounge solution that expands the success of the Soltíce Collection with a durable and cost-effective healthcare application.  Soltíce Metal maximizes purposeful form and function, resulting in a supportive solution for healthcare and high-performance applications. The comprehensive collection elegantly enhances space with its slim scale and universal appeal, while enabling incredible versatility in design and specification.  Featuring lounge seating, multiple seating (including guest and bariatric chairs), patient seating and occasional tables – this modern, stylish, and functional collection brings an elegant twist to healthcare.

To highlight some of Soltíce’s main differentiators that separate this collection from the rest, below are our Top 5 Reasons to Choose The Soltíce Metal Collection:

1.  3 Seat Spanner:  The 3 Seat Spanner option requiresno middle support leg, perfect for busy healthcare waiting areas to allow for easy cleaning.


2.  Replaceable Covers:  As a collection standard, the Soltíce Metal collection offers replaceable covers – ideal for a busy healthcare environment.


3.  2in Shallow Depth:  Seat depth is 2in more shallow, which equals 2 feet of extra floor space for every 3 rows.  This thoughtful design allows for more impact in high traffic areas such as ER waiting rooms.


4.  23 Standard Finishes:  Since Soltíce is part of KI’s family of product, it is available in 23 standard finishes, making this collection diverse and flexible for any interior design application; the chrome option also brings a clean and modern twist to the overall aesthetic.  KI is also excited to bring beautiful Corian options for chairs, arms, and side tables.


5.  Occasional Tables: The Soltíce Metal Collection also includes a vast array of occasional tables – perfect to compliment any arrangement.