Patient-Centered Lobby Design for Healthcare Spaces

Cornerstone Eye Care is part of the multi-disciplinary practice Cornerstone Health Care, one of the fastest growing physician groups in the Southeast. With an unwavering focus on the patient experience, Cornerstone Eye Care initiated the building of an all-new facility designed to provide quality ophthalmic care delivered in a friendly, comfortable environment.

True to Cornerstone Eye Care’s patient-centered approach, all furniture decisions were made from the users’ point of view with an emphasis on function and comfort, as well as style.  KI’s Affina® Lounge Collectionwas selected as the waiting area winner due to its indisputable comfort and style, as well as its multiple seating options that can accommodate a wide variety of patient sizes and needs, particularly the needs of the elderly. The collection is also highly suited for high-performance healthcare environments, giving Cornerstone Eye Care the timeless design and durability its practice demands. 

Although Cornerstone Eye Care contacted KI to initially assist solely with its patient waiting areas, after recognizing that KI offered an extremely diverse product line with a range of price points (along with finishes and fabrics that would easily complement throughout) other spaces that were ultimately outfitted with KI solutions included:

  • Reception/Optical Stations
  • Conference/Meeting Rooms
  • Administrative Workspaces/Open Offices
  • Workspaces/Private Offices

To view the entire installation, click here to discover more and download the free case study from KI.