Tenjam for Healthcare: Fanciful and Functional

While considering any Healthcare & Hospital design the importance of creating spaces that are cheerful, flexible, safe, durable, and clean is paramount.  Taking these significant factors into consideration, Tenjam furniture is as fanciful as it is functional and compliments any healthcare environment.

Traditional soft seating furniture has sewn upholstered finishes with seams at nearly every edge.  These seams and spaces between cushions trap dirt and grime while providing a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.  Tenjam doesn’t use sewn upholstery and there are no gaps between cushions.  Instead, the finish is sprayed which creates a seamless waterproof finish that is easy to clean and disinfect.

Perfect for waiting rooms, children’s areas, or lounge areas, Click Here to discover more about Tenjam’s healthcare applications.