The Future of Work Spaces

Did you know?

According to an article via entitled  “Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work“, there are a few key trends which business leaders need to pay attention to – one very important topic being attracting and retaining top talent in a collaborative and forward-thinking atmosphere:

“By 2020 millennials are projected to be half of the entire U.S. workforce … They are used to being connected, collaborative, and mobile.

Millenials are used to sharing with each other, communicating through social platforms, working from anywhere, having a voice, and learning about what interests them.

Most organizations today are struggling to adapt to this changing workforce as baby boomers are starting to make their way out.  This is a big factor shaping the future of work as organizations seeking to attract and retain top talent are going to need to adapt.”


Wall to Wall Collaboration.

So what can make you stand out from the crowd while nurturing current employee happiness?

Look no further than  T1Visions’ inTouch Interactive Wall – a social touchscreen solution that allows multiple users to fluidly interact with a single vertical touchscreen or multiple screens on one large seamless surface.

Take your ideas off the table and onto the wall!

Click the video below to see T1Visions’ inTouch Interactive Wall in action!