Top 5 Elements of a Future Workspace

The Economic Times recently released an article highlighting “how design enhances work life within the offices of the future.”  “Today’s offices are places that generate a buzz, are crucibles of creativity and social hubs. They are meant to be a place where productivity increases and the desire to stay focused is enhanced due to the new surroundings.” (>>Click Here to read the rest of the article.)  Here are 5 key elements:


 “This gives the employee flexibility to plan and execute life and work tasks according to his/her individual needs.” 

What better way to be flexible while working than by have the option to stand?  KI’s Toggle Height-Adjustable Table allows for natural and necessary movement during the day.  Not only is this option flexible, but also health-conscious as sitting is now considered the new smoking.


 “A comfortable employee is a happy employee, and therefore, a productive employee.” 

Associate well-being and happiness can be impacted in a major way through the exposure of natural light.  Increasing vitamin D production in the body is an effective treatment for allergies, back pain, tension headaches, and depression.  KI’s Lightline Movable Wall is an architectural wall that allows for maximum light to filter through by its innovative design – directly contributing to associate wellness and happiness.


 “In today’s competitive world, companies need to attract and retain talent not only by salary benefits but through enabled workplaces.

Collaborative space and options for conversation are key.  KI’s Backbone Media Platform offers the perfect meeting space where conversation meets technology.


Sustainability is the path on which tomorrow’s “green office” is anchored and should be strictly adhered to.” 

Thankfully, KI has 161 products that have achieved Level Certification – which is the equivalent of buildings receiving LEED certification.


“Design promotes a sense of belonging for the individual and creates an identity specific to a company, thereby helping indoctrinate the brand and culture.”

A company’s identity can be attributed to the workspaces available to its associates. With KI’s Personalized Solutions, there is no workspace that can’t be completely customized to reflect its company’s culture.