Top 5 Tips for a Compelling First Impression

First impressions have an enduring element and are hard to forget within a healthcare space.  As mentioned in Supporting Your Organization’s Competitive Position: The Importance of Strong First Impressions, written by VP of KI Healthcare Debbie Breunig, “Now more than ever it is critical to make a strong first impression. Recent reform, reimbursement realities and the current trend toward consumerism have moved the concept of ‘quality’ front and center. As a result, the look of your facility is one of the most important factors in patients’ perception of quality care.”  Adopting this philosophy, below are our Top 5 Tips for a Compelling First Impression:

1)  Warm Welcome:  “To secure the most positive first impressions, your facility must be welcoming, nurturing and reassuring. It should reflect comfort, safety and respect. It should strive to ease anxieties and reduce stress. Above all, it should communicate a strong sense of regard for patient well-being and care competency.”

2)  Classic Cues: “Also dominating the trend toward residential interiors within healthcare environments is the idea of “classic style.” …In addition, classic style is most often reflected in the contemporary and comfortable furniture found in today’s most accessible retailers.”

3)  Natural Elements: “For other facilities, the emphasis is on “nature” and the therapeutic respite it invokes…Movable wall solutions can help maximize natural light.”

4)  Universal Design:  “Functional yet stylish furniture should accommodate all size-challenged users. This makes a positive impression by signaling a facility’s strong message that it is ready to serve the needs of every individual.”

5)  Touch of Textiles:  “Uplifting patterns and soothing colors can create a natural sense of well-being and further support a positive first impression.”

Common Spaces with Uncommon Beauty

Encompassing all of our suggested tips is the new Affina Collection by KI, highlighted with Pallas Textiles opportunities.  Affina is an elegant and sophisticated comprehensive healthcare collection that allows for visual continuity from the lobby to the patient room. Affina features guest, multiple, modular, lobby, patient, bariatric, recliner and sleepover seating, as well as occasional tables, casegoods and pediatric seating.  Level Certified, Affina was developed with emphasis on the patient, patient family and caregiver’s comfort while maintaining a visual elegance.