What if walls could heal: The Power of Signage in Healthcare Spaces

Awarded by Contract Magazine, Takeform is proud to announce it has recieved the Gold Award in Signage & Wayfinding for Moxie Graphic Panels!

“Sponsored by Contract magazine in conjunction with Healthcare Design Conference, The Center for Health Design, and Vendome Group, the Nightingale Awards recognize contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing.” (Contract Magazine).  See below for our Top 3 Reasons Moxie Graphic Panels are perfect for any healthcare setting:

1.  Healing Views:  In healthcare, studies have connected views of nature with reduced stress and improved patient outcomes. Moxie can plant a garden anywhere, and adorn it with equally inspiring words.

2.  Designed for Hospitals:  Moxie panels are engineered and tested for healthcare environments; there are no natural fibers to harbor bacteria. Moxie stands up to strong hospital disinfectants, and panels even remove for cleaning.

3.  Rugged, Durable, Colorfast:  The image is protected by a moisture, UV, chemical and scratch resistant overlay that preserves color and extends life.

Available exclusively in our Upstate NY and Western PA/WV territories, to discover more about Moxie, click to view the video below: