Concept Classrooms Promote Engaged Learning

Implementing a classroom design conducive to an engaged and collaborative learning environment has become paramount while instruction has long since shifted from teacher-centered to student-centered.  Demonstrating these advanced capabilities are 3 new “Concept Classrooms” which were unveiled at Barrington High School, featuring KI’s Strive Seating andPirouette Tables.  The furniture is fully supportive of an Engaged Learning environment as it allows for movement, flexibility, collaboration, and encourages discovery-based learning in the classroom.

As evidenced more and more in K12 schools, this approach to classroom design is gaining momentum and students are becoming introduced to engaged learning earlier and earlier.  In addition to creating active learning in K12 settings, KI can also help design campus and learning spaces to help colleges and universities be prepared to reflect the growing importance of innovation, collaboration and creativity as students transition into higher education settings.

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