Top 3 Reasons to Choose State Contract

Why should you use State Contract?  Because using State Contract saves you valuable time and money.  See below for our Top 3 Reasons State Contract is the easiest way to purchase furniture this season:

1.  Save Time

Using a pre-negotiated state contract is a very efficient way to procure furniture in the following ways:

  • No need to develop detailed products specifications for a bid document

  • No need to advertise 2 weeks prior to bid going out

  • No need for “pre-bid” meetings

  • No need to evaluate perceived “equal” products to what was specified under the bids are due

  • No chance for a disgruntled bidder to challenge your decision and delay the order


2.  Save Money

In addition to the costs associated with the extensive time commitment of the bidding process outlined above – buying through state contracts will save you money in the following ways:

  • Design & Space planning are included as part of the contract and no additional cost

  • Installation is included (or pre-negotiated with servicing dealer prior to placing your order)

  • Storage costs for 60 days are covered if your project is delayed

  • No Cost for Advertising


3.  Freedom of Choice

By utilizing state contract you are able to choose, so there are no variables left to chance:

  • The Product – which best fits your needs

  • The Manufacturer – who understands your required commitment for quality

  • The Servicing Dealer – to manage, install, and service, your purchase

State contract procurement will free up your valuable time – as well as the time of others in your facility – to focus on other priorities.  Fast. Economical.  Done Right.  Choose State Contract.  Please contact us today with any further questions or if you’d like one of our team members to walk you through this simple process!