Ready to Ruckus? KI's New Collection is Shaking Up Learning Spaces

NEW from KI Furniture, the Ruckus Collection is Shaking Up Learning Spaces!  See below for our Top 3 Reasons to Choose Ruckus for your learning space:

1.  Promotes Essential Movement.  Ruckus represents the concept of movement as essential to cognitive development and learning.  Students can choose how they sit so they can be the most comfortable.

2.  Fosters Student Engagement.  Ruckus quickly transitions learning spaces from "heads-down" concentration to more interactive group collaboration, while offering instructors the freedom to teach how they prefer.

3.  Diverse Collection Options.  The collection includes innovative seating that promotes student movement and lets users choose how they relate to Ruckus; cantilevered desks that adapt to individuals and circumstances; plus super-functional lockers, cubbies, and bookcases that keep learning tools handy and learning spaces neat.  See below for summary of collection:

Ready to learn more?  Watch the video below that is less than 2 minutes long and contact us today for more information: