12 Rooms in K-12 You Never Knew We Could Do

Classrooms and learning spaces are certainly our bread and butter, but did you know we can help you outfit nearly every nook and cranny of a school?  Below we have identified 12 niche rooms and areas along with the perfect product solution for each space:


1. Computer Labs

 is a clean and cost effective solution for any computer lab, and is perfectly accented with KI’s Grazie Task seating.


2. Art Rooms

LeapAcad_class8a_600S Stools.jpg

KI’s 600 series industrial stools are the perfect addition to any creative classroom or art room.  Design options include 3 fixed heights, 3 adjustable heights, and steel or upholstered back rests.


3. Science Labs

Even under a microscope KI’s Strive Seating is perfect for any science class.  Keep students comfortable and mobile in Strive Task Seating.


4. Makerspaces

The New Ruckus Collection provides comfort and flexibility as students collaborate and exchange ideas freely, gathered around tables and comfortable seating.


5. Libraries

Tenjam furniture offers a colorful and playful addition to any library space, and pairs well with KI School Library furniture.  With pieces that are lightweight and durable, Tenjam seating invites quiet reading nooks for students.

St Anthony_music_Wave_Instruct.jpg

6. Music Rooms

KI’s Intellect Wave Seating does it again.  Seating that is comfortable and keeps students productive is music to our ears.




7. Auditorium

KI’s Lancaster Auditorium Seating increases learning and retention by providing comfortable seating for students at an affordable price.  Click here for more KI school auditorium options.

8. Lobby

KI’s Sela Lounge Collection is oversized and has an increased degree of recline.  Complimenting any school lobby, keep parents, staff, and students comfortable as they lounge.

9. Gymnasium

Did you know?  KI’s Front Row Seating offer the option to silkscreen artwork on the seat alone or seat and backrest for an additional branding – perfect to outfit a gym and promote school spirit during a pep rally or school event.

10. Prekindergarten

KI’s Bronto Children’s Chair is a colorful addition to any Prekindergarten space.  Light in weight, easy to clean and extremely durable, the Bronto chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


11. Staff Break Rooms

Every K12 staff member needs a special spot to unwind, grab a quick bite to eat, or use for a planning period.  KI’s Hub Modular Seating, Athens Table, and Strive Seating are the perfect trio.

12. Cafeterias

KI’s versatile cafeteria tables adapt to cafeteria needs and are are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Check out Uniframe or the new CafeWay for more information.



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