4 Ways to Create Office Sweet Spots

One size does not fit all, and office design is heavily becoming task and activity-based working.  As mentioned in 5 Office Design Strategies That Will Make Employees Happier: How an aesthetically-pleasing office environment can help raise employee morale,

“Like the devices and software that power information businesses, office design must be viewed as a tool that we can leverage in the pursuit of productivity, well-being and engagement. Instead of having one office environment, we need a collage of environments, each tailored to the needs the departments and individuals that will actually use them.”

To create actionable ways to achieve the perfect pendulum between office design and employee happiness, below we have addressed all 4 strategies with specific product solutions to each:

1. Customize each space to the department and its members.  “When an employee can’t work effectively, we try to adapt the space to the person rather than the person to the space. Design around each job function, not some ideology about how an office should be.”  KI Furniture‘s Connection Zone collection and NEW MyPlace Collection creates work zones and spaces specific to tasks and activity-based working:

2.  Open space along windows.  “While corner offices may be enviable, they block exterior light from reaching most employees.”  KI Furniture movable walls offer a way to let natural light infiltrate into an interior space, offering all of the health benefits for employees.

3. Provide multiple communal areas.  “However, they found the opposite is true of focus spaces—people need uninterrupted privacy and quiet to stay engaged.”  Creating options is optimal, and providing a balance between open collaboration as well as private nooks increases the possibility of finding the perfect “Office Sweet Spot” for productivity.

KI Furniture offers collaborative and flexible solutions that have power integration and can be moved depending on the desire of the activity:

Indiana Furniture has flexible lounge solutions, such as CarretaIsla and Triple Play:

Tenjam foam furniture adds a playful and colorful touch to any lounge area, and offers custom design options to reflect your company logo or brand:

Green Furniture Concept’s seating invites people to sit and speak:

4. Make your walls interactive.  “This has two interesting benefits. First, ideas become contagious—walking around the office, you constantly see and absorb ideas from co-workers who work in other departments. Everyone feeds on this continuous brainstorm session. Second, we have a tendency to be more visual. We draw out relationships and connections in ways we wouldn’t if we were stuck on paper or limited writing surfaces.”  T1V encourages office collaboration and brainstorming with a number of touchscreen solutions.  Click below to explore:

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