5 Ways to Update Your Office Space

Want to update your office space, but not sure where to begin?  Recently discussed in High-Tech Desks, Flexible Furnishings: Office Design Goes Ultra-Modern, below are 5 ways to update your office space:

 1. The opportunity to move around the office

“Over the past few years, open offices have been gaining traction. However, not all employees can work in that environment. Some need peace and quiet, while others prefer to work alone. That’s why your office should include a variety of spaces where employees can complete their work.”

Providing options and layouts that include spaces for both collaboration AND quiet focus is key to keep all employees happy to help maximize their working hours in office.  KI Furniture’s Connection Zone Collection provides a slew of flexible options:

2.  Flexible furniture

“Employees need options. The furniture that business owners are purchasing for their workers give them the freedom to choose how they can be most productive.”

Flexibility should be easy.  Watch the stop-motion video below to see how:


3. High-tech desks

“All-in-one desks and workspaces are a big hit among employees. Like flexible furniture, they allow employees to choose where they want to work, because they’re not stuck where the electrical sockets are located.”

KI Furniture has 6 options for height-adjustable tables, giving offices an unprecedented amount of choices.

4. Emphasis on lighting and sunshine

“It’s been proven that natural light in the office serves as a mood-booster. It makes employees more productive and contributes to their overall well-being.”

KI Furniture’s Genius and Lightline movable walls help your office space introduce light even to the furthest corners of your interior space:

5. Designing your new space

“The way your office is designed is crucial to your company’s success. If you’re bored of your current space, a new layout that reflects your company might be the solution.”

We can help!  Contact us today to design your new modern office.