Attract and Retain an Exceptional Workforce

In a world where securing top talent is a competitive business advantage, employers spend many waking hours devising ways to attract and retain an exceptional workforce.  But once those seats and desks are full of fresh faces, how can you be sure to keep their valuable contribution existing for a satisfying long term career?

Did you know?

  • 90% of corporations are recruiting their future workforces on campus
  • 82% of companies experience new hires “lost in transition” (6-12 months average adjustment period cited) which translates into lower retention rates
  • Only 8% of companies said they actually consider attributes of collegiate design when designing their work environments

More than half (53%) of U.S. employers planned to hire recent college graduates in 2013. But, as companies look to recruit the best and brightest from college campuses, they are overlooking one brilliant recruitment strategy that’s theirs for the taking—campus design itself.

By incorporating campus design concepts into the workplace, companies may obtain a stronger foothold in talent recruitment and employee retention. Groundbreaking research supported by KI Furniture was conducted by studying and comparing the work styles found in higher education versus those in corporate environments.  Click here for a KI Furniture white paper to discover how Collegiate Design is the new driver for Workplace Design: