Create Inviting Spaces with KI’s CaféWay

A beautiful and functional example of how KI is furnishing knowledge in K12 schools is the introduction of KI’s CaféWay cafeteria tables.

KI’s versatile CaféWay tables adapt to cafeteria needs and help create inviting spaces for everyone, and are are available in a variety of sizes and shapes:  rectangular, round, racetrack, and octagonal with bench and/or stool seating options:


Additionally, CaféWay delivers safe, easy operation and mobility and are easy to move and fold compactly for high-density storage and efficient shipping.  Click the video below to discover how easily these tables are folded:

Built to withstand the rigors of school cafeterias, CaféWay provides superior durability through the use of quality materials and its unique support structure. Compression or torsion springs and torsion bars assist table lifting, making operation smooth, easy and safe. Stool support bars allow safe and easy ingress and egress from the tables.

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