Creating Comfortable Learning Spaces at the Neighborhood Academy

The Neighborhood Academy‘s mission was to create a school to offer opportunities and advantages to students that would otherwise be impossible.  When they were looking for a manufacturer to help represent the community and purpose of their learning spaces, they turned to KI.

“Because the students are here 12 hours a day, 11 months a year, I wanted to create a space where the students wanted to be.  I wanted it to be vibrant, I wanted it to be cozy, I wanted it to be warm.”

This story is a perfect example of how an interior space can reflect the needs and culture of a learning community, and help achieve it’s mission.

“The tables, the chairs, the fabrics, all of that combined with our sense of community creates a wonderful environment.”

Furniture collections included Intellect WaveSelaStrive, and Uniframe.  To learn more about this story and see how the product became an important element of designing and reflecting an overall school culture, click below: