Do you want your students comfortable and productive?

As schools are creating classrooms that facilitate active learning, the design of furniture complimenting space planning is a critical dimension to the retention of information. As mentioned in Do Welcoming Classrooms = Better Students? Ergonomics and environment play a critical role in student success:

  • “I feel relaxed.  When I’m relaxed I’m more ready to learn.”
  • “Studies indicate that high-quality classroom environments help children feel safe, secure, and valued. As a result, self-esteem increases and students are motivated to engage in the learning process.”

Luckily, with KI’s Intellect Wave collection, all aspects of comfort, design, and productivity can be addressed. See below for our Top 5 reasons why you should choose KI’s Intellect Wave Collection:


1.            Comfortable

Intellect Wave’s unique flexing back provides exceptional comfort and permits a certain degree of movement that results in better attentiveness and learning retention. The Intellect Wave classroom chair has a unique shell design that has all the proper curves to support functionality and ergonomics in the classroom.

2.            Durable

Backed by KI’s 15 year warranty – and engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Wave exceeds industry standards for durability. Elliptical tubing provides superior frame strength and lightweight, textured poly shells resist scratching, fading, chipping and denting.

3.            Green

The long lifetime of this collection is a green story in itself, but Intellect Wave is also Level Certified and SCS Certified.

4.            Dynamic

•             Not just for the regular classroom, the Intellect Wave Collection is applicable for computer, library and music applications, too.

•             Just with seating alone, the collection offers a variety of leg options, such as Café Stools, Cantilever, 4 Leg, Task Chairs – and offers even more customized options, such as book racks.

 5.            Colorful

Color is an important element in any classroom design.  Luckily, Intellect Wave offers an incredible array of available colors and materials for poly shells, frames, and laminate tops.  Make sure to visit KI’s See It, Spec It section to experiment with colorful options!