Elevate the Art of Storytelling with T1V’s inTouch Wall

With over 235,000 customers worldwide, SAP is the market leader in enterprise software and software-related services.  Headquartered in Newtown Square, PA, SAP Americas is home to one of nine state-of-the-art Executive Briefing Centers in the world.  These facilities are designed to offer progressive sessions to help organizations learn, collaborate, and strategize with SAP thought leaders, industry experts, and partners.

Together, with Corbett Inc. and T1V, SAP sought to change the Executive Briefing Center experience for its customers.

“Customer centricity is the most important thing at SAP.  This wall allows us to tell our stories in many, many different ways…which is very powerful.”

The Interactive inTouch Wall houses over 2000 customer stories complete with photos, video, and dynamic content that SAP is using to transform the way they tell their own story: through the eyes of their customers.