Furniture Becomes a Tool for Student Success at a Philadelphia Charter School

KI collaborated with Pan American Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, PA to create interactive and collaborative learning environments for students and staff.  A goal while designing the space was creating a sense of welcoming as soon as visitors enter the doors, met with bright colors and friendly faces.  To steer away from a more traditional, industrial atmosphere, the school wished to have an elegant, friendly, durable, colorful, and inviting space.

Additionally, furniture that complimented learning activities, designed for easy transitions, and allowed for group work and collaboration was paramount.  KI Furniture was able to meet every single one of these needs, and additionally created an environment where students wanted to be in.

“We have a lot less students absent, we have a lot less students late, we’ve grown 250 students this year and are maintaining a 98% attendance rate pretty much every day.”

Keeping students comfortable, happy, and excited about learning can be reinforced through space design.  Furniture can become a tool in the classroom to help support student success and educational goals – discover how by viewing the video below: