If Walls Could Talk: Moxie by Takeform Signage

Our space should speak, and what you say is up to you. Tell them who you are, what you do, and why they should care.  Whether a hospital hallway or corporate conference rooms, Moxie makes big use of any area turning the everyday into an experience, and an opportunity to move people both directionally and emotionally.  Proudly announcing the MOXIE collection by Takeform – available exclusively in our Upstate New York and Western PA/WV territories.

For imaginations of all sizes

Moxie is a large format graphic panel system with 10 standard sizes, including custom, too.  Each panel is a direct print on a lightweight aluminum composite panel, with the message it sends completely customizable.  The graphics chosen could be considered an extension of your aesthetic palette – whether to create an experience, convey your brand or tell your story.  Suggested applications are:

  • Branding
  • Story-telling
  • Landmarking
  • Theming
  • Inspirational
  • Environmental Art
  • Interpretative Graphics


In healthcare, studies have connected views of nature with reduced stress and improved patient outcomes. Moxie can plant a garden anywhere, and adorn it with equally inspiring words.  Engineered and tested for healthcare environments, there are no natural fibers to harbor bacteria. Moxie stands up to strong hospital disinfectants; panels even remove for cleaning.



Ready to scale up point the way?  Moxie panels can tile and configure for either a big screen effect, or subtle direction.  Customizable, Moxie panels can show school spirit in a chic and modern way.  Additionally, the image is protected by a moisture, UV, chemical and scratch resistant overlay that preserves color and extends life, making the Moxie collection as beautiful as it is functional.



Take the mute button off your interior space. Moxie gives you the freedom to raise or lower your voice and brand as your message with audacious flair.  Both fun and functional, add a dimension to your brand that booms confidence.


Ready to create a mood, tell a story or point the way?

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