Keep Kids Moving! Introducing KI’s Intellect Wave Sit/Stand Desk

As the slogan “Sitting is the New Smoking” permeates many office environments, one has to wonder if the benefits of standing while working can also benefit future generations.  Right Now.  Did you know?

  • “Over the last three decades, many school districts have eliminated physical education requirements or reduced recess opportunities. This correlates with a tripling of the childhood obesity rate as two out of three kids today don’t get recommended levels of activity.
  • Active learning styles can help reduce childhood obesity: Standing provides clear health benefits as it increases heart rate, maintains insulin effectiveness and burns more calories.
  • Maintaining low-level physical activity—such as standing in the classroom—results in greater student attention. Increased blood circulation and oxygenation leads to alert students. ‘Standing actually improved attention, on-task behavior, alertness and classroom engagement.’
  • Sustained healthy metabolism leads to better focus, which has a positive effect on test scores. “Children who are more active performed better on standardized tests, and showed greater attention and faster thinking skills than did children who are less active.”
  • Stand-biased desks in classrooms are an effective way of reducing sedentary behavior (prolonged sitting) in a diverse sample of children,” (Source).


Sit/stand desks encourage students to move – thereby improving attention, engagement, cognitive function, health, and academic achievement.  KI Furniture’s NEW Intellect Wave Sit/Stand desk solution keeps kids moving and learning – below are our Top 6 Reasons why:

  1. Tiered Classroom Benefits.  Sit/Stand desks are ideal for tiered classrooms, which improve sight lines during instruction.
  2. Height Adjustment Made Easy.  Use height-adjust screws to change the worksurface height from 29” to 41” high in 1” increments – sitting height to standing height and everywhere in between.
  3. Foot Bar Options.  Use attachment screws to move the foot bar forward and back to reduce back tension and leg fatigue.
  4. Worksurface Comfort.  Worksurface tilts slightly toward the user for a more natural writing position and has a curved front edge for additional belly room (sitting or standing).
  5. Color and Design Options.  45 standard laminates or two hard plastics for worksurfaces, 30 powder coat colors and chrome options for frames, and custom colors are always an option at KI!
  6. Range of Accessories.  Optional book basket, book box and bag hook.

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