KI Furniture Supports SEER EIC Model at Green Woods Charter School

The elasticity of a learning environment has spread well beyond the traditional learning context as we know it.  Becoming multi-sensory and adaptable, many schools are embracing change and opening their doors to new ideas and approaches – both figuratively and physically.

The Green Woods Charter School provides children in grades K through 8 with the opportunity to be active, knowledgeable and conscientious young investigators by fostering a keen understanding of the interrelatedness and interdependence of our local and global existence.  Adopting the SEER EIC Model where, “Learning based on the EIC Model™ is about using a school’s surroundings and community as a framework within which students can construct their own learning, guided by teachers and administrators using proven educational practices.” (Read More).

Using this integrated model as a context for thinking students are immersed both inside and outside of the classroom.  Access to natural elements provides an immense opportunity for hands-on and experiential learning, all encouraged with doorways in many classrooms providing direct access to the natural outside world, cuing spontaneous interaction and exploration.

In order to support this model of instruction, when the Green Woods Charter School in Philadelphia wanted to modernize its unique learning environment for teachers and students, it selected KI for its innovative classroom furniture.  KI’s commitment to innovation and sustainability made it the perfect partner to help transform their learning spaces.  Click below to view the video and discover how learning extends from classroom desks to open doors: