Catch Our Drift: Nesting Seating by Tenjam

Flexible and reconfigurable environments that can be easily adjusted to accommodate student needs are becoming necessary while planning learning spaces.  As mentioned in School Structures that Support 21st Century Learning:

  • School and classroom design should accommodate diverse learning needs. Space should be large enough and furniture and other classroom objects should be easily reconfigurable to allow multiple learning activities to occur simultaneously.
  • Space should be designed in anticipation of evolving learning needs, as both student populations and the relevance of specific subjects change over time.
  • Flexible learning spaces allow for interactions and collaborative work, which are fundamental to the development of several 21st century skills. Such skills include: leadership, communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills

In order to support these 21st century needs, flexible learning environments must be supported by lightweight flexible furniture.  Drift Nesting Seating by Tenjam is a comfortable and colorful addition to any classroom space.  With no sharp corners or edges, this seating is ideal to compliment classrooms, and even has a slight forward lean to keep student posture upright.  Nesting capabilities maximize the square footage of any room, and allow for easy storage when not in use.  Use indoors or outdoors, Drift can also be cleaned easily with common household cleaners and even hospital grade disinfectants including bleach and hydrogen peroxide.  

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