Tenjam scores a “Perfect 10” for Schools and Libraries

Lively and colorful, Tenjam furniture playfully accents Library and Education environments.  Not just limited to the traditional  4 walls of a classroom, these unique pieces also compliment informal learning environments such as hallways, gathering areas, student lounges, cafes, and even the School Nurse’s office. Want to show school spirit?  Tenjam products can easily be designed to create a uniquely branded education environment that is within your budget.  In addition to these endless applications, see below for our Top 4 Reasons Tenjam scores a “Perfect 10” for schools and libraries:

1.  Safety:  Tenjam furniture does not have a rigid frame, thus reducing the potential of serious injury if a student or faculty member should fall and make accidental contact with the furniture.  Additionally, Tenjam furniture is created using a flexible foam core and a flexible ColorShield finish.

2.  Durability:  Tenjam furniture is engineered to withstand constant use in high traffic public spaces.

3.  Washability:  Tenjam products feature a seamless waterproof finish that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

4.  Visual Greatness:  Choose one of our 12 Standard colors or 8 Optional colors.  We can also color match our ColorShield finish to your favorite color or school colors.

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