Unique Seating for Unique Students

Whether its student lounges or libraries, students crave space to think, learn, study, and collaborate.  Intuitively designed to anticipate every move, MyWay™ Lounge Seating gives students newfound freedom to function at their best. Built around the way students live and work today, this engaging and unique seating keeps students comfortable, relaxed, and connected.   See below for our Top 3 Ways MyWay™ compliments any student lounge area:

1.  MyWay Lounge Seating Comfort

Whether in student lounges or libraries, providing gathering spaces where students can either relax and study independently or exchange ideas in groups is crucial.   MyWay™ Lounge Seating offers multiple ways that students can lounge and interact to provide the utmost in comfort and possibilities.


2. MyWay Lounge Seating Design Savvy

According to the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013, “Students are poised to use their mobile devices more, and look to institutions and instructors for opportunities and encouragement to do so.”  56% of students own 3 or more devices, and additionally:

  • 89% of students own a laptop
  • 76% of students own a smartphone
  • 31% of students own a tablet

Designed with technology in mind, MyWay’s unique tablet arm provides a surface for electronic devices, books and notepads while supporting interaction between users.   Perfectly complimenting what students are already craving, MyWay™ keeps them charged while they work.  And no worries about spilled drinks on their devices or a paper they may be working on while studying – MyWay™ can keep their drinks at bay with the convenient drink holder.  See below for these smart and insightful features:


3. MyWay Lounge Seating Award Winning

This fun and functional design has not gone unnoticed.  MyWay™ has most recently won two awards – both an EdSpaces Innovation Award 2013 which recognizes excellence in product design for learning environments, AND a GOOD DESIGN® Award – the world’s most recognized and oldest design awards program that covers new products designed. 

Click below to see a variety of ways students can sit and relax in MyWay: