Vibrant Classrooms at Springfield Literacy Center

After selecting KI more than 20 years ago, when it came time for Springfield Literacy Center to decide on classroom furniture again the choice was easy.  KI Furniture fit the vision of a flexible, vivid space that both complimented instruction and created an environment the students wanted to be in.

“We took everything we know about how we delivered instruction in our traditional elementary schools, and we wanted to design a space around how we taught, so that the space would enhance the delivery of our program.”


Catering specifically to kindergarten and first graders that attended school, the result was a vibrant, colorful and flexible space.  Additionally, to compliment the school’s natural surroundings and elements, KI’s quality furniture was a nod to green design and made the perfect fit.  Click below to view this case study that exemplifies KI’s prowess in K12 spaces: