What does deeper learning look like?

Deeper Learning

As we forge ahead in education, the learning environment has become one that not only prepares students for the knowledge and skills that are fundamental for education, but also for life after school.

Noted in 21st Century Learning: “Every child in the U.S. needs 21st century knowledge and skills to succeed as effective citizens, workers and leaders.”

As mentioned in Deeper Learning: Collaboration is Key “In preparing our students for college and careers, 21st century skills call on us to develop highly collaborative citizens.”

Not only meant for sharing of ideas, collaboration in a flexible classroom can support what is known as the 4C’s for 21st Century Readiness:

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Creativity and Innovation

These four skills lend themselves to assist students well outside the classroom once K-12 education is over, and promote success in college, career, and life.


Flexible, Versatile & Mobile

Static classrooms don’t support an engaging learning environment, where collaboration, student comfort, and adaptation to student needs are key.  Luckily, KI Furniture provides educational solutions that provide a flexible learning environment, and encourages collaboration in the classroom.

Designed for higher education and K-12 environments based on extensive student research, KI’s award-winning Learn2™ Mobile Classroom Furniture solution is uniquely versatile and mobile. This unique seat and surface combination personalizes the learning experience.  Click the video below to see Learn2 in action, and discover how it moves: