2 Hot Trends in Workspace Design

Two trends in particular have stood out amongst the crowd when it comes to addressing the modern day workplace and space design.  See below for our 2 Hot Trends in Workspace Design:

 1)            Human Factors

What are human factors?  As mentioned in Workplace Strategies that Enhance Performance, Health and Wellness:  “Human Factors’ is an area of workplace psychology that focuses on a range of topics including ergonomics, workplace safety, the reduction of human error, product design, human capability, and human-computer interaction.  The terms ‘human factors’  and ‘ergonomics’ are often used synonymously.”  By addressing human factors in workplace design, an intimate approach of considering individual needs through both productivity and wellness is acknowledged.

 2)            Activity Based Working

What is Activity Based Working?  “Activity Based Working (ABW) is based on the premise that no employee ‘owns’ or has an assigned workstation. Rather, the broader workspace provides employees with a variety of predetermined activity areas that allow them to conduct specific tasks including learning, focusing, collaborating and socialising.” (Office Snapshots).  Even if organizations still choose to have a permanent workstation, providing opportunity to maximize the productivity of certain tasks has become more and more prevalent.

Recently outlined in  2014 Workplace Design Trends,“Dynamic workplaces will continue to develop with Activity Based Working and workplace hubs increasing in popularity. Flexibility, mobility and technological improvements are likely to continue with designers innovating in space efficiency and environmental issues. The psychology of working and management engagement in occupant process is likely to continue to drive commercial space planning.”

Additionally, as mentioned in Welcoming Workplace,  “Research indicated that everyone would benefit from a variety of workspaces to accommodate different types of working.  As well as spaces to better support collaboration and concentration, staff would also benefit from spaces for contemplation:  quiet zones away from the busy communal areas where staff could experience a calm, soothing environment that promotes recuperation, relaxation, and creative thought.”  All in all, an over-arching goal is to provide a dynamic space with zones for specific tasks –  both collaborative and solitary .

Get in the Zone with Connection Zone

The Connection Zone Collection from KI addresses the human element of workspace and how the right “zones” foster improved performance.   From benching solutions, mobile screens, and storage to Privacy Booths, Connection Zone supports the shift from ME space to WE space, creating “zones” that foster performance and accommodate a variety of work styles.  Focus zones, Retreat zones, Social zones, Ideation zones and Storage zones are all key areas with discrete needs that are met with Connection Zone, complimented with the ergonomic excellence of Grazie seating.  To learn more about Connection Zone visit KI’s website or our Pinterest board where you can pin your favorite zones: