3 out of 4 Workers will be Millennials by 2025. Prepare your workspace for the shift.

As work spaces continue to evolve to support the influx of the millennium population, office design must correspond to shifting work styles, as well as attract and retain top talent.

As  mentioned on Building Design + Construction’s website: “With 72% of corporate real estate executives saddled with the responsibility of productivity improvements, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, decision makers are putting the emphasis on modifying their facilities to support creativity, focus, and teamwork.

A study by Forbes projects that three out of four workers will be Millennials by 2025.  This ambitious, tech-savvy, creative cohort has notably different working styles and preferences than other generations; for instance, Millennials may be more productive sitting in cafés or lounge areas than in traditional workstations. Their ease with mobile technology enables many of them to work anytime, anywhere. In some high-tech companies run by Millennials, nonconventional workspaces are the thing.”

Flexibility doesn’t have to be complicated. With just 4 basic modular components, Indiana Furniture’s Carreta Lounge provides an array of highly functional, reconfigurable lounge and open meeting space options.  A modern mix of color, shape and function, Carreta’s independent modules and multiple configurations create flexible, collaborative, work and meeting spaces, allowing for change and growth depending on spacial needs.  Unique tables complete the look and support portable technology, staying tech-savvy in today’s device-driven world.

View this 1 minute video demonstrating the range of workspace design possibility with Carreta Lounge: